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Plan Your Travel Within Budget With the Help of Travel Guides

Several websites have been created as platforms that provide tons of information for travellers to plan every detail of their trip. However practically it may prove very time consuming to actually sort relevant information.

Therefore Planned Traveller has been created to provide to the point concise details of every city along with complete prices and budget indications. The travellers can plan their trip either independently or take the help of the city guides provided on the website. The city guides help in budget calculations and assist in planning a detailed itinerary based on individual tastes and preferences. The website also plans to start customizing travel and holiday packages that will be prepared by its team of experts. There will be a complete breakup of every component of the trip beginning with hotels, food, local transport and transfers as well as sightseeing trips and tours/activities. Each of the components is competitively priced with comparative price quotes provided by trusted online service providers. The website aims to connect to those people who like freedom in planning and are not willing to travel as per pre designed packages  offered by innumerable travelagents. Our target audience are those who are open to ideas and are flexible in exploring different places, tourist spots, trying out new cuisines, experiencing new cultures and exploring foreign lands as locals and not tourists.

London travel guide

There are travel guides for over 50 cities across the globe including destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Europe and North America. For people interested in travelling to North America, Las Vegas on west coast and New York on the east coast are major tourist attractions.

Las Vegas is famous for being the largest adult playground in the world with gambling and entertainment being its biggest draws. Everything in Las Vegas is built in grand and spectacularstyle. Some of the best Las Vegas attractions include Imitation of the Sphinx, which is a three dimensional silhouette of New York City complete with Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, Bellagio Fountains, Stratosphere Tower, Shark Reef, Madame Tussauds and Adventuredome which stands out to be one of the major attractions of the city. Gambling was also made legal in the year 1931 in the barren desert state of Nevada. All these attractions ensure about 40 million visitors every year. For people who want to visit New York, the New York travel guide helps you in identifying all the important tourist spots in the city like Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, the Hudson river, Central Park, Timesquare, hit Broadway shows and of course haute couture shopping at 5th Avenue. The travel guide helps you travel to New York on a budget that can be customized depending on your travel style. You can decide exactly which hotel locations, restaurants and attractions fit into your budget and ways and means to get discounts by booking these in advance.

Barcelona travel guide
People interested in travelling to the United Kingdom or London can take the help of London travel guide which also helps you plan your travel within your specified budget and also ensures that you cover all the important places of interest in London. The Double Decker buses, the Royal family, high-tea, big Ben, the Tube, bangers and mash are some of the things that will give you an idea what London is all about. London is a great place for history buffs, art geeks, foodies, fashionistas and others. London caters to the varied tastes of people and entertains round the clock every day.
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