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The Barcelona Travel Guide Helps To Enjoy A Wonderful Vacation Within Your Budget

If you are a passionate traveller interested in exploring new locations and foreign lands and enjoying the flexibility and freedom as an individual traveller rather being a part of the guided tours the Planned Traveller portal offers you a single platform to plan and create your own itinerary with the help of the portal offering you all information in their city guides and budget calculators that makes your job easier and also helps you save money at the new place. By using the city guides you can easily find suitable accommodation, ideas about local hotels, local transport system, must see tourist spots, budget estimates and also unique travel tips customized for each city that helps in making your vacation a wonderful memory.

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The Las Vegas attractions guide from the portal gives you an overview about the city and the things that you can do in Las Vegas to enjoy your holiday. The city is known as the largest playground for casinos and every year millions of tourists just come to the city to enjoy the casino games. The city is also built in a spectacular and grand manner as the best entertainment zone attracting tourists from all corners of the world. You can also see miniatures of other cities like Venice, and also the wonders of the world like the hundreds of meters high pyramid with glass walls and Sphinx imitation, shot of the New York city,  Brooklyn Bridge, Eiffel tower imitation and many more that would surely leave you spellbound. The portal offers you information about the Las Vegas weather and the best season to visit the place along with the travel budget as to how much it would cost you to stay in Las Vegas in terms of accommodation and food for your trip planning.

new york attractions

Those who are enjoying a holiday in Spain should visit Barcelona and once going through the  Barcelona travel guide there would be no looking back without visiting the city. Barcelona located at Spain’s northeast is easily accessible through flights, road and rail. This bustling and beautiful city has something for every traveller to cherish on their visit to Barcelona. The medieval buildings, Gothic quarter and art, museums and galleries, fresh seafood, best drinks, beach views all recreating a paradise for its visitors.

Similarly, Hong Kong holiday is also one of the favorite tourist destination for those who would like to explore the Asian countries. Hong Kong is known to be one of the most beautiful port cities which has also transformed into a modern financial center of the world. Hong Kong reminds about skyscrapers, exotic Hong Kong food, shopping, nightlife and many more to enjoy a Royal lifestyle. You can plan for a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong with the help of the Planned Traveller portal that gives you all the necessary insights to spend a wonderful vacation within your budget.
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