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Singapore Attractions Attract Visitors From All Corners Of The World

Singapore is a beautiful holiday destination attracting millions of visitors every year either for business or tourism. It is a global financial center with multicultural population offering a unique experience to the tourists. If you are planning for a holiday to Singapore you sure need to know the places that you must visit on your trip to the country. Instead of relying on a local guide you can actually plan your own holiday in Singapore with the help of the online travel portals like Plannedtraveller that gives you some of the best insights to plan the trip right from the process to avail a visa to the local travel facilities for you to enjoy a trip on your own. The portal offers you an overview about Singapore so that you can know useful information about the country before you actually land in the place. This makes you feel familiar with the local culture and traditions for you to easily mingle with the locals and enjoy your trip just like a local. You can have all information regarding how to apply for a visa to Singapore, the local currency, telephone code and language to start your planning for a Singapore trip. You can also check out for the best hotels in Singapore along with the price indicators and also the local food and drink specialities that you should not miss out on your trip to that place.

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You can also find an overview on the Singapore attractions for you to decide where you would like to spend the most of your time when you visit Singapore. The Singapore flyer is surely one of the top attractions which is one of the world’s largest ferris wheel and attracts both adults and children alike. The Singaporean riverside also gives you a unique experience taking you down the time line to the colonial period. The Sentosa Island, Changi Village, Chinatown, The Orchard road, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari and many more offer you a wonderful time in Singapore to enjoy with family and friends. You can also have information about the local transport facilities to take bus and rail passes so that you can travel to places within minimum budget. The Singapore food is also very famous and you can in fact join the food trips that would take you to the best eateries in Singapore to taste the local cuisines.

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With the help of the travel portal you can plan your own itinerary to enjoy your trip in Singapore unlike being a part in a group of tourists herded by the local guide.
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