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Enjoy Your Vacation Within Your Budget With The Help Of New York Travel Guide

Singapore is a preferred gateway to asia and beyond for a majority of travellers globally. There are many reasons that have attributed to this trend. Though Singapore is just a dot in the world map, the city-state of Singapore is considered to be a model country of the Southeast Asian economy and also one of the most fascinating mega metropolis of the world. It is considered to be cleaner, safer and even greener than most of the countries in the European continent. It has everything from tall skyscrapers to the largest port in the world, not to forget miles of shopping streets which are crowded with shopping malls, luxury hotels, restaurants and all other things that any tourist would expect. Another fascinating aspect Singapore is its cuisine. Singapore food or Singapore cuisine is diverse and contains elements derived from several ethnic groups, due to its history as a seaport with a large immigrant population. Major influences include the cuisines of native Malaysia, cities largest ethnic group, the Chinese, as well as Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan, and Western traditions. Influences from other regions such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Middle East are also present. Apart from Singapore cuisine, there are other restaurants that specialize in cuisines from a great variety of countries around the world. All this make Singapore a “Foodie’s Paradise”.

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Apart from Singapore, New York is also considered a must visit for anyone planning a trip to the Big Apple. This may also be attributed to the partially to the Niagara Falls, as no first time tourist to US would want to miss the beauty of this majestic attraction. Though for this you will need to travel to Buffalo, which is located in New York State but close to the Canadian border. However you cannot visit New York State and miss out on its biggest draw “New York City”.

If you plan to travel to New York, you can take the help of a New York travel guide that will help you travel to New York (most expensive city) on a budget. The guide will assist you in planning your tour as per your budget and will also provide you with the average daily expenses per person during the trip. The expenses will include food, stay, travel, local transport, entertainment, communication, tips, etc. New York has a lot of places that hold tourist importance including the Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Wall Street and many more.

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After travelling Asia and US, the beauty of Europe cannot be missed. Barcelona, Spain is a prominent gem of this continent and considered a great good place to travel without burning a hole in your pocket. The best part of this place being, you can visit it and enjoy its beauty any time of the year unlike other European cities which are too cold during winter months due to extreme weather conditions. Here the weather is comfortable all through the year. During the summer season, the temperature rises up to a maximum of 27 degrees centigrade and during winter, it is around 8 to 15 degrees centigrade. The Barcelona travel guide will assist you in planning your tour to Barcelona keeping your budget in mind. You can also take the Hop On, Hop Off buses which ply all over the city and cover all important tourist places.
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